Our wines
As wine enthusiast we consider a good wine should be flawless with its own personality.

Since we produce small quantities and on different plots , we are able to produce distinct wines with particular features, distinctive aromas and flavours.

We provide a complete range of 12 wines. Under the label Domaine de Familongue , eight wines can be found in either restaurants, supplied to wine merchants or sold directly at the winery : Five red wines, one dry white, one sweet wine (late-harvest wine) and a rosé wine.

Bastide aux Oliviers wines can be bought at supermarkets and are composed of two reds, one rosé and one dry white.

Wines are stored in 2 distinct air conditioned cellars : one for the barrel aged wines and the other for bottled wines.

L'Envol de Familongue (Red)
Publié le 30 avril 2009
L'âme de Familongue (Red)
Publié le 26 avril 2009
Les Trois Naissances (Red)
Publié le 7 mai 2009
Eté à Familongue (Rosé)
Publié le 4 avril 2011
Le Carignan de Familongue (Red)
Publié le 6 mai 2009
L'Envol de Familongue (White)
Publié le 4 avril 2011
Mas des Vignals
Publié le 25 avril 2009