Familongue Wineries
We began in 2002 as independent growers after several years producing for the local cooperative. I still work as a dentist in our village and my wife has just retired from working for the French post office.

The Familongue winery is located 30 km west from Montpellier. We mainly produce AOC wines. At the beginning of this project, we owned only 4 hectares but now Familongue vineyards cover 25 hectares and is situated in the north and south of our village on specific geological soils.

We work with lots of enthusiasm and we try to express in our wines all the richness of each piece of land. Each wine possesses its own character.

Altogether we produce 12 different wines : eight carry the name " Familongue" and the other four the name "Bastide a Oliviers"

As self-made wine growers, we learned wine-making skills from experienced wine growers and oenologists concentrating on long moments of tasting and direct observation.

First of all, we focus on the quality , care for the grapes and on good environmental management of the vineyard.

We are very close to nature conservation. Keeping and rearing birds is our second strong passion .That is why our birds are the emblem of our winery and are printed on our wine labels.

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Publié le 15 novembre 2004