Further information
Wine-making needs passion and that is why we strongly believe that wine must express distinctive aromas, diversity of tastes and above all must show the remarkable impact of the different soils.

Located in the north and the south of the village, the soil varies according to its exposition.

-  In the north, the soil's structure is stony and limestone.
-  In the south, it is more sandy and composed with pebbles naturally laid down by the Hérault river.

Various combinations of soil give each wine their own character. Our vineyards are composed of old vines which strengthen complexity and give distinguished qualities of the "terroir".

The age of our vines is 40 to 70 years old for the Carignan , 35 to 40 for the Grenache, 20 to 25 for the Syrah, and 40 years old for the Cinsault.

We insist on direct observation of nature and are very much concerned with matters affecting it. Since our daily tasks are in direct contact with nature, the environmental conditions are important.

Our premises consist of a vinification area, a bottling and storage unit and a building containing barrel ageing equipment.

Wine-making has been a challenge to us, and at times difficult decisions have been taken and innovations have been made to create different kinds of wines for the years to come. Full commitment and efforts are required on a daily basis to pursue our endeavour .

Today we can boast more than 160 French restaurants that trust us and regularly present our different wines.