Mas des Vignals
Vin de Pays du Mont Baudile

Technical description

-  Name of wine : Mas des Vignals.
-  Appellation : Vin de Pays du Mont Baudile.
-  Vintage : 2008 and 2007.
-  Colour : red.

Grape varieties

-  Cinsault : 100%

Mas des Vignals 2007 - 27.6 ko
Mas des Vignals 2007


Blend of grapes from a vine of the south of Saint André de Sangonis which is composed of a mixture of sand and pebbles established by Herault's river, and an other vine in the north of Saint André de Sangonis, which is composed of cryoclastic limestone gravel in a sandy claysoil. Both qualitativesoils are poor with good drainage.

Methods of culture

We use sustainable winegroving practices with the help of technical advisers. We do not use any fertilizers or herbicides. We produce compost that we spread in winter and we plough the soil between the vines using a mechanical device. One out of every two rows in the vineyard is grassed over. More information here.


2008:34 hectos hectare - 2007 : 32 hectos/hectare.


2008 : 12.5° - 2007 : 13° by vol.

Number of bottles

4500 en 75 cl, 2000 en 37,5 cl and 1000 in 50 cl.


manual with variant selection. Grape harvested at optimal maturity after tasting the fruit.


De-stemming without crushing, rack-and-return or hand- plunking every day, pumping over with aeration or daily micro-oxygenation, temperature-controlled, three weeks maceration, draining off and the first pressings are added back after settling.


on the fine, with judicious micro oxygenation while ageing according to the taste profile of each vat.

Date of bottling

January 2009 using Nomacorc (synthetic corks.


This wine's personality comes from blending differrent vats of Cinsault sourcef from two sites.


-  Appearance : lively purple colour with violet hinks.
-  Nose : cooked red fruit nose and kirsch with toasted lightly smoky notes.
-  Taste : crunchy yet rounded and juisy mouth-feel with aromatic intensity. Those cooked red fruit and kirsh notes are echoed on the palate.


-  Appearance : attractive bright velvet red.
-  Nose : very up-front nose with small red fruit notes mixed with violets.
-  Taste : crunchy and juicy-textured mouth-feel typical of Cinsault. Good depth showing softness and great balance.

We suggest you serve this wine at about 15 degrees Celsius.

the best food to go with this wine : grilled lamb chops with wild herbs, tomato-based dishes, "Bouillabaisse", shellfish with a sauce...It is a wine which is tasted simply, with pleasure, between friends.



Gold medal at Top 100 2009, also Trophy (best Cinsault's wine), in England.


-  Silver medal at "concours des grands vins du Languedoc 2008"
-  Silver medal at "vins primés sur le terroir 2008"