Le Carignan de Familongue (Red)
Vin de pays du Mont Baudille, Rouge.

Carignan 2007 - 46.3 ko
Carignan 2007

Technical description

-  Name of the wine : Le Carignan de Familongue.
-  Appellation : Vin de pays du Mont Baudille.
-  Vintage : 2003.
-  colour : red.

colour : red

-  Carignan traditional vinification : 75 %
-  Carignan carbonic macération pressing : 25 %


the grapes come from vines to the south of Saint André de Sangonis, gravely soils on very old elevated river terraces made up of large pebbles in layer sand. The first-rate terrain has poor and well-drained soil.

Carignan 2006 - 27.2 ko
Carignan 2006

Cultural methods

We use sustainable winegrowing practices with the help of technical advisers. We do not use any fertilizers or herbicides. We produce compost that we spread in winter and we plough the soil between the vines using a mechanical device. One out of every two rows in the vineyard is grassed over. More information here.


200742 hectos hectare - 2006 37 hectos hectare


2207 13,5° - 2006 12,5°.

Number of bottles

13300 en 75 cl.


picked by hand and sorted vine by vine. Grapes are picked at optimum ripeness after tasting the berries.


De-stemming without crushing, "délestage" (rack-and-return) or pigeage (hand-plunging) done every day, remontage (pumping over) with aeration or daily micro-oxygenation, temperature-controlled, three-week maceration, draining off and the first pressings are added after settling.

Bottling date

February 2008 using Nomacorc.

Tasting notes

This wine's personality comes from it being made entirely from Carignan, the vines are from ((to70 years old. The grapes are picked very ripe. Over time, this wine will develop even more complex and intricate aromas while the sensation of fresh acidity will diminish.

-  Appearance : deep blackish-purple in colour.
-  Nose : lively rich nose showing delicious baked wild blackberry notes, tapenade, gunpowder and wild herbs (thyme).
-  Taste : supple, fleshy mouth-feel with a firmer finish typical of this variety. Baked red fruits follow through onto the palate, finishing with fresh acidity and subtle balsamic undertones

-  Appearance : attractive cherry-red colour with darker shades, quite intense.
-  Aroma : its explosive nose is surprisingly fresh with notes of sweet red and black fruits.
-  Taste : well-balanced palate, with a lush yet firm coating.

Fussy and creative, we try to give this Languedoc variety the respect it deserves.

We suggest you serve this wine at about 17 degrees Celsius.

The best food to go with this wine : side of beef dusted with Camargue salt, cheeses especially "Salers", some pork-butcheries or slices of bread divided between friends...



-  Gold medal Top 100 des vins de Pays de France 2008 Trophy, best Carignan of the competition, England.
-  gold medal " concours national des vins de pays" 2008
-  bronze medal Vinalies nationals 2008


-  Gold medal Top 100 des vins de Pays de France (in England)


-  gold medal concours des Altides 2006 Féminin Price


-  silver medal au Mondial des vins de Bruxelles 2006
-  bronze medal au concours des vignerons indépendants 2006
-  bronze medal au concours national des vins de Pays 2006


-  gold medal Top 100 des Vin de Pays de France en Grande Bretagne 2005.
-  gold medal du Concours des Grands Vins du Languedoc-Roussillon 2005 Coup de Cœur des médailles d'or 2005
-  bronze medal« des vins primés sur le terroir » 2005.