La Bastide aux Oliviers (Red AOC)
Coteaux du Languedoc Terrasses du Larzac.

Bastide Rouge 2008 - 30.9 ko
Bastide Rouge 2008


-  Name of Wine : La Bastide aux Oliviers Rouge.
-  Appellation : Coteaux du Languedoc - Terrasses du Larzac.
-  Vintage : 2008 ou 2007.
-  Colour : red.

Grape varieties

-  Syrah : 10%
-  Grenache : 30%.
-  Cinsault : 9%
-  Carignan traditional vinification : 35%
-  Carignan carbonic maceration : 16%

Bastide rouge 2007 - 33.6 ko
Bastide rouge 2007

-  Syrah : 15%
-  Grenache : 8%.
-  Cinsault : 9%
-  Carignan traditional vinification : 48%
-  Carignan carbonic maceration : 19%


Blend of grapes from two neighbouring, but quite distinct, regions. The first region is the north of Saint André de Sangonis, which is composed of cryoclastic limestone gravel in a sandy clay soil. The other region is south of Saint André de Sangonis, which is composed of a mixture of sand and pebbles established by Herault's river. Both qualitative soils are poor with good drainage.

Methods of culture

Bastide  Rouge contre etiquette - 29.3 ko
Bastide Rouge contre etiquette

We use sustainable winegrowing practices with the help of technical advisers. We do not use any fertilizers or herbicides. We produce compost that we spread in winter and we plough the soil between the vines using a mechanical device. One out of every two rows in the vineyard is grassed over.


2008 : 34 hectos hectare. 2007 : 32 hectos hectare.


2008 : 13° - 2007 : 13°.

Number of bottles

23800en 75 cl.


Picked by hand and sorted vine by vine. Grapes are picked at optimum ripeness after tasting the berries.


De-stemming without crushing, "délestage"(rack-and-return) or "pigeage" (hand-plunging) done every day, "remontage" (pumping-over)with aeration or daily oxygenation, temperature-controlled, long maceration (3 weeks) and draining then first pressings are added back after settling.


On the fine lees in vat with limited oxygenation during this period depending on taste profile.

Date of bottling

October 2009 using Nomacorc.

Tasting note

-  Appearance : purples hues running through its deep ruby colour.
-  Nose : a subtle mix of steeped fruit aromas (blackcurrant, blackberry, blueberry) on the nose with sweet cinnamon spice tones.
-  Taste : warming mouthfeel showing delicate vanilla notes. A classic style and well-balanced wine.

-  Appearance : lovely red cherry colour, bright with magenta hues
-  Nose : seductive nose with its black fruit cocktail notes (blackcurrant, wild blackberries, blueberry jam).
-  Taste : develops solid yet silky texture on the palate with attractive fine-grained tannins. Nice explosive finish with sweet pureed raspberry flavours. Very well-balanced wine.

We suggest you serve this wine between 16 and 17 degrees Celsius

The best dishes to match with this wine : our Bastide Red 2008 will go perfectetly with lamb chops sprinkled with thyme and firm-textured cheeses.The 2007 : it will go perfectly with chicken and mushroom fricassee and firm-textured cheeses.


-  Silver medal AWC Vienne 2009

-  Grande Médaille d'or Grands vins du Languedoc 2008 (gold medal)
-  Is in the guide des meilleurs vins à petits prix 2010 de Gerbelle & Maurange : note de 15/20

2006 :
-  Prix des Vinalies 2008

2005 :
-  Médaille d'argent Grands Vins du Languedoc 2007

2004 :
-  Prix des Vinalies 2005

2003 : Sélectionné dans le guide des meilleurs vins à petits prix 2005 de Gerbelle & Maurange