La Bastide aux Oliviers (Rosé)
Languedoc rosé 2010.


-  Name of wine : La Bastide aux Oliviers Rosé.
-  Appellation : AOC Languedoc Rosé.
-  Vintage : 2010.
-  Colour : Rosé.

Grape varieties

-  Straight pressing Grenache : 20 %.
-  Bleeding Grenache : 25%
-  Bleeding Syrah de saignée : 5 %
-  Bleeding Cinsault de saignée : 5 %
-  Straight pressing Cinsault : 20%
-  Straight pressing Carignan : 25%


Blend of grapes from two neighbouring, but quite distinct, regions. The first region is the north of Saint André de Sangonis, which is composed of cryoclastic limestone gravel in a sandy clay soil. The other region is south of Saint André de Sangonis, which is composed of a mixture of sand and pebbles established by Herault's river. Both qualitative soils are poor with good drainage.

Methods of culture

We use sustainable winegrowing practices with the help of technical advisers. We do not use any fertilizers or herbicides. We produce compost that we spread in winter and we plough the soil between the vines using a mechanical device. One out of every two rows in the vineyard is grassed over.


30 hectos hectare.



Number of bottles

6600 in 75 cl.


Picked by hand and sorted vine by vine. Grapes are picked at optimum ripeness after tasting the berries.


De-stemming without crushing for the press rosé (also 7% free run juice), fermented with very strict temperature-control for three weeks with some aeration according to taste profile. Cold-settled for 48 hours at 6° C.


On the fine lees in tank.

Date of bottling : Febrary 2011 using Nomacorc.


This wine's personality comes from blending rosés from lightly-pressed and free-run juice during fermentation.

-  Appearance : lovely light rosé with pink salmon tinges.
-  Nose : attractive fresh clean nose with red berry fruit tones, raspberries but also boiled sweet notes.
-  Taste :lively mouth-feel, well-balanced with elegant light touch. The aftertaste is fruity and crisp.

We suggest you serve this wine 12 degrees Celsius.

Dishes that go particularly well with this wine : this thirst-quenching rosé will be brilliant with a sweet-savoury dish such as chicken with pineapple or stuffed tomatoes, paella or aubergine caviar. A rosé to enjoy with friends and family.