L'Envol de Familongue (Red)
Coteaux du Languedoc - Terrasses du Larzac

Envol 2006 red - 47.3 ko
Envol 2006 red

Technical description

-  Name of wine : l'Envol de Familongue.
-  Appellation : Coteaux du Languedoc - Terrasses du Larzac.
-  Vintage : 2006 and 2005.
-  Colour : Red.

Grape varieties

-  Grenache : 43 %
-  Syrah : 19 %
-  Cinsault : 7 %
-  Carignan maceration carbonique : 5%
-  Traditional Carignan : 25 %
-  Mourvèdre : 1 %


-  Grenache : 59 %
-  Syrah : 11 %
-  Cinsault : 8 %
-  Carignan maceration carbonique : 12%
-  Traditional Carignan : 9 %
-  Mourvèdre : 1 %

Envol 2005 red - 31.6 ko
Envol 2005 red


Blend of grapes from two neighbouring, but quite distinct, regions. The first region is the north of Saint André de Sangonis, which is composed of cryoclastic limestone gravel in a sandy clay soil. The other region is south of Saint André de Sangonis, which is composed of a mixture of sand and pebbles established by Herault's river. Both qualitative soils are poor with good drainage.

Methods of culture

We use sustainable winegrowing practices with the help of technical advisers. We do not use any fertilizers or herbicides. We produce compost that we spread in winter and we plough the soil between the vines using a mechanical device. One out of every two rows in the vineyard is grassed over. More information here.


33 hecto/hectare.



Number of bottles

16 000 en 75 cl, 1000 in 50 cl and 2000 in37,5 cl.


picked by hand and sorted vine by vine. Grapes are picked at optimum ripeness after tasting the berries.


de-stemming without crushing, "délestage"(rack-and-return) or "pigeage" (hand-plunging) done every day, "remontage" (pumping-over)with aeration or daily oxygenation, temperature-controlled, long maceration (4 weeks) and draining then first pressings are added back after settling.


on the fine lees in vat with limited oxygenation during this period depending on taste profile.

Date of bottling

October 2007 using natural corks grade 1 and Nomacorc. Then bottles are laid down for 48 hours to let the cork expand.

Tasting note

This wine's personality comes from the predominant Grenache picked very ripe, which now gives it body, ripeness and elegance, and , over the years, will develop more complex and intricate aromas.


-  Appearance : bright, clear, colour between fuchsia and purple. Very nice legs (body).
-  Nose : shades of fresh red fruits (raspberry), sweet lightly peppery spices and liquorice notes.
-  Taste : very well-balanced wine, rounded fleshy mouth-feel with lively fresh finish.


-  Appearance : it has vivid, ruby red tinges and very attractive body.
-  Nose : up-front aromas of chocolate with warm (soft) spice (white pepper) and prune eau de vie notes.
-  Taste : punchy yet suppl and elegant mouth-feel showing lovely Grenache fruit and style. Heady mouth-coating finish with very nice, finely grained tannins.

We suggest you serve this wine between 16 and 17 degrees Celsius.

The best food to go with this wine : red meat, cheeses especially made from ewes' milk.



-  Grand prix d'excellence au Vinalies Nationales 2008 (gold medal)
-  Silver medal Grand Vins du Languedoc Roussillon 2008
-  bronze medal Décanter 2008
-  Bronze medal "concours des grands vins de France 2008 (Macon)


-  Prix d'excellence Vinalies 2007, silver medal
-  Silver medal Decanter 2007

Vintage 2002
-  Selected among the best vintage 2002 in the magazine "Revue des Vins de France"
-  Vinalies Award 2004

Vintage 2003
-  Bronze medal Decanter Magazine World Wine Awards 2005

Vintage 2004
-  Bronze Medal "Vins Primés sur le Terroir" 2005
-  Prix des Vinalies 2004,
-  Sélectionné dans les meilleurs millésimes 2002 dans la revue du vin de France,
-  Médaille de bronze au concours des vins primés sur le terroir.