The so called ┬ź vinification int├ęgrale ┬╗
This vinification technique enables a better combination between grapes and wood as soon as alcoholic fermentation starts.

We use only oak barrels (capacity 500 lit, 400 lit and 225 lit) we put on rotary supports that permit us to turn over the barrels by hand. The so called "vinification int├ęgrale en barrique ┬«" means that the grapes have been vinified and matured in the oak barrel. This way the combination between wood and wine is finer and more harmonious..

"Les 3 Naissances" wine is made with this specific technique and as well with a strict selection of grapes. With lots of care we choose the best grapes of the best possible piece of land. It means full ripeness and various tasting in the vineyard. Further analysis are carried out by consultants in their laboratory to check some elements such as acidity, PH, alcohol and nitrogen absorbed and synthesized by the grapes.

At this stage, Harvesting can begin. Our grapes are always hand picked in small cases in the cool of the morning and brought to the cellar without damaging the grapes. Afterwards, they are distemmed and crushed and put into the barrels ready for fermentation.

We fill the barrels through a special opening made by the cooper all by hand with a bucket and a funnel. At this stage and during all the maceration the barrel is turned over to break the cap of the must (this process is carried out 4 times a day). With this technique everything is hand made. Further analysis and checking of the must are made through the top of the barrel. Such technique enables an easier control of the temperatures and a slower chemical reaction with oxygen and have a gentle oxidative effect on the wine. At this stage a long maceration is carried out (1 month) afterwards the must is collected and crushed. The wine is racked into either barrel for 12 months.