Further information
We have already planted 10 hectares of olive trees situated on various pieces of land all around the village of Saint André.

Olive trees grow without the use of herbicides. We plough the soil at the right moment otherwise we cut down weeds with a mowing machine. After picking the olives, leaves are eliminated, then olives are "blowned at " with air which hinders tiny snails and other insects to adhere to the fruit and eventually damage the quality and alter the flavour of the oil .

The "golden juice" is made after all fruits are brought in small cases into the St'André mill for pressing operations.

The quality of the olive oil is checked at all stages by a committee called "ecovert" . This organization certifies organic products.

Different kinds of olive varieties such as "la Verdale de l'Hérault, l'Arbéquine, le Cailletier, l'Aglandeau, la Grossanne, la Picholine, la Lucques, l'Oliviere, la Bouteillan et l'Amellau are blended. We also add variable quantities of other varieties in order to strengthen flavour and complexity.

Olives are carefully selected and picked at full maturity when fully ripened and black for the L'Arbequine olive , which counts for one third of the crop, and unripe and green for the rest. This allows the olive oil to be sweeter, more delicate and lingering on the palate.

Currently bottle necks are covered with a transparent cap in order to protect our natural corks.

Our olive oil is sold both directly at the cellar and at a few local points of sale. We can also forward your order directly to your home on simple demand.